Goldmaster 24k Metal Detector


The Garrett Goldmaster® 24k is a high-frequency induction-balance gold nugget detector. The GM24k features a 54% increase in coil voltage over the prior White’s GMT model, resulting in increased sensitivity to small nuggets.


Super Sensitive Gold Detector
48 kHz power: find more gold
Automatic Ground Balance (XGB Technology)
Iron and Hot Rock Elimination
Rainproof detector with waterproof searchcoil
45 hour battery life
Turn on and begin searching!

Experienced prospectors know more sensitivity is not the only answer to increasing the odds of success. A machine’s ability to track and cancel the ground is often the biggest challenge faced in the search for gold. That’s why the Goldmaster® 24k features a special ground tracking system called “XGB” (Xtreme Ground Balance). It works with multiple ground points to ensure stable operation. The GM24k also features Iron/Hot-Rock cancellation in both audio modes, which expands the ground range even more for quiet operation in the most challenging ground.


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Key Features

48 kHz POWER
Find more gold!

XGB Ground Balance Balance System
Auto tracking system allows the GM24k to be used in a wide variety of ground conditions with more stable operation and less ground noise.

Two Audio Modes
Choose from 2-tone “Beep” Mode to help distinguish target types or the Standard VCO “Zip” Mode, where audio pitch and volume rise as signal strength increase.

Backlight: Illuminates LCD screen for improved visibility in low-light situations.

Variable Self Adjusting Threshold
Allows user to adjust the threshold recovery speed to help reduce the effects of changing ground mineralization.

Goldmaster 24k’s other features include:

To quickly update ground settings

To lock current ground balance setting

Adjustable Iron Cancel
Feature for hot rocks, iron trash

Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale.

Volume Control
Fully adjustable, plus Boost options

Threshold Adjustment
Adjust to the level that fits your style of hunting

Frequency Shift
Use to reduce electro-magnetic interference

Sensitivity Control
Levels adjustable from 0 to 10

Pinpoint Function

Battery Condition Indicator


  • Goldmaster 24k detector
  • 6″ x 10″ DD Waterproof Searchcoil
  • Headphones
  • 8 “AA” Batteries
  • Battery charger

Good luck and happy hunting!



Clearsound Easy Stow Headphones Included
Enhanced Detection Depth Yes
All-Metal Mode Yes
Backlight Yes
Frequency 48 kHz,
Ground Balance, Auto/Manual Yes
Threshold Adjustment Yes
Electronic Pinpointing Yes
Audio Modes 2
Rainproof Control Box Yes
Waterproof Coil Yes
Digital Target ID, larger size Yes
Total Weight 3.6 lbs (1.6kgs)
Length (Adjustable) 45″ to 55″ (114 cm – 139 cm)
Batteries 8 AA (included)
Battery Charger Included
Fast Recovery Speed Yes
Standard Searchcoil 6″ x 10″ DD Waterproof Searchcoil
Sensitivity/ Depth Adjustments 10
Battery Condition Indicator Yes
Warranty 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor
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Goldmaster 24k Metal Detector